Clinical Programs.
Stay connected through automated patient engagement and support.
Optimize resources with smart automation.
Design customized, multi-point protocols that encourage engagement and adherence. Pre-populate messages, reminders, tasks, health education materials, scheduled video visits and in-person appointment reminders—and initiate the program for any patient in one click.
Clinical teams can see patient activity at a glance and identify those who might require intervention.
Intelligent Alerts. Cut through the noise with alerts that focus resources and allow for timely intervention.
Easy Follow-Up. Built-in messaging, structured data collection and live video make any required engagement a snap.
One-click enrollment
– just select a start date.
Clinical teams can enroll patients in any automated program by choosing the protocol and defining the start date. In one click a pre-defined series of engagement activities is initiated—and Hale handles the rest.
Teams can manage any number of available protocols, enrolling patients in multiple programs as needed.
Enrollment Onboarding. Automated welcome messages help introduce patients to a program, set expectations and kick off the new activity.
Collaborative Care. Clinical staff can initiate programs on behalf of providers, with no change to the patient experience.
Tasks and reminders help patients stay on track.
Programs can include scheduled tasks and reminders that help encourage and monitor adherence. Events can be created and managed for each individual patient, with settings for recurring events and alerts that can be triggered for the clinical team if the patient is not adherent.
Patients receive notifications and can quickly log their activity.
Easy Follow-Up. Team members can use built-in communication tools to quickly address issues or concerns.
Clinical Programs.
Automate patient engagement and clinical support.
Clinical Programs Dashboard
Enroll patients in custom multi-point protocols that deliver pre-defined messages, reminders, tasks, health education materials, and more. View a summary of all patient activity and identify those requiring intervention.
Automated Engagement
Enroll a patient in one click and initiate automated patient journeys—whether over one week or one year.
Structured Data Collection
Send scheduled questionnaires and collect key patient data over time to facilitate follow-up or monitoring.
Patient Tasks & Reminders
Define a series of tasks and reminders to encourage adherence, delivered right to a patient's mobile device.
Adherence Tracking
Offer one centralized dashboard to monitor patients—and empower staff to quickly connect to address gaps.
Smart Alerts
Define alert triggers that make sense for your patients and goals, delivered to the right team member to take action.
Multi-Modal Interventions
Quickly connect to address issues with a full suite of communication tools including messaging and live video.
Clinical programs