Intelligent Triage.
Patient access, meet clinical efficiency.
Streamline new patient requests.
Instead of calling the office, patients can easily submit new requests right from the Hale app. Triage questionnaires collect information upfront on reported symptoms to give clinical teams what they need to quickly determine the best course of care.

Patients can easily initiate a request and submit symptoms from their smartphone.
Triage Protocols. Hale provides an extensive and growing library of triage protocols to support your team in collecting the most actionable information.
Questionnaires enable quick decision-making.
Hale collects information based on reported symptoms to make sure you have everything you need to take action. Patients can initiate new triage requests – or the clinical team can send pre-visit and follow-up questionnaires to manage patient care before or after a visit.
Questions are designed to collect information in an easy, conversational manner through varying question types and formats.
Logic-Based Questionnaires. Advanced branching ensures patients provide all the relevant information, while ensuring patients in any emergent situation are directed immediately to call the clinic.
A picture’s worth a thousand words.
Go deeper with photos and videos of symptoms, or invite patients to take a video of themselves describing their symptoms to overcome communication barriers and further simplify reporting.
Patients can easily share photos and videos using the camera on their smartphone.
Care for patients in their preferred language.
Today, Hale is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese to allow patients to communicate in their preferred language and more efficiently scale limited translator resources in the clinic.
Patients can select their preferred language for improved communication and symptom reporting.

Set clear expectations with automatic replies.
Easily set expectations regarding response time and communicate hours of service. Auto-responders can be configured at the clinic or provider level to help ensure that off-hours communication gets an immediate response and patients are appropriately directed to available resources.
Auto-responders can be customized to explain policies and next steps.
Tap to Call. Messages can include a phone number to let patients quickly call the clinic.
Intelligent Triage.
Patient access, meet clinical efficiency.
Triage Protocol
With a library of hundreds of triage questionnaires, organizations immediately benefit from a more efficient patient request workflow. Choose a standard specialty issue list—or develop custom protocols and questionnaires to fit your specific needs.
Real-time, collaborative messaging helps reduce phone volume and drive efficient patient communication.
Photo & Video Sharing
Patients can easy send photos or video to help aid diagnosis or facilitate remote follow-up care.
Collect structured data with new requests—or use questionnaires to streamline follow-up after a visit.
Issue Lists
Choose from standard specialty protocols covering common issues—or fully customize your team's list.
Multi-Language Support
Let patients receive care in their preferred language and extend scarce multilingual resources.
Provide a timely response, anytime. Set expectations and direct patients to the appropriate care when needed.
Intelligent triage