Remote Monitoring.
Help patients stay on track with connected devices and timely interventions.
All-in-one enrollment, monitoring and engagement.
Care teams can create patient lists to easily monitor key vitals, defining alerts for each measure to flag patients that may require intervention. Clinicians can drill down into individual readings or take action to connect with a patient in one click.
Teams can easily manage multiple monitoring programs, each with their own patient lists and measurements.
Real-Time Readings. Readings sync to Hale in real-time, ensuring you are working with the latest information.
Connect in One Click. For patients with questions or who may need a nudge, communication tools are built in.
Hundreds of devices to support the perfect fit for your program.
Seamless integration of both consumer and clinical-grade device data lets care teams get real-time updates on key patient vitals including weight, blood pressure, pulse rate and pulse oximetry. Readings are tracked over time with detailed drill-down views to inform quality care.

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In Partnership with Validic. Hale partners with Validic to enable turnkey access to hundreds of connected devices and health tracking services.
Easily access trends and recent results when you need them.
Hale's Patient Snapshot ensures you can always access critical patient data when you need it most—as well as immediately engage patients as you see fit by sending a message or follow up questionnaire, scheduling a video visit or simply picking up the phone.
Longitudinal reports and monitoring ensure detailed data is driving your clinical decisions.
Smart Alerts. By setting custom alerts rules, you are in control of what clinical information is important or relevant for particular patient programs.
Data Download. Hale supports a broad range of integrations and exports to ensure that data is never siloed and can be used most effectively by providers.
Custom alerts flag opportunities for intervention.
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Remote Monitoring.
Monitor, manage and engage your patients at home.
Extensive Device Support
Integrated support for hundreds of premier consumer, home health and wearable devices.
Get continuous data from patient devices quickly — accessible as soon as the activity is recorded.
Define alert triggers that make sense for your patients and goals, delivered to the right team member to take action.
Enroll a patient in one click and let them authorize their own connected device accounts to share data with your team.
Multi-Modal Interventions
Quickly connect to address issues with a full suite of communication tools including messaging and live video.