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Hale for Clinical Teams is a perfect fit for your small or mid-sized practice.
Different tiers of service offer flexible features and terms so you can scale at your own pace.

To learn more about Powered By Hale enterprise solutions please contact our sales team.


Get started with remote care. Secure messaging and streamlined triage for unlimited providers and patients.
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Extend your practice with live video visits, rich content and seamless payments features.

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Optimize remote care workflows with custom content and patient acquisition tools.
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Secure Messaging
e-Visit Triage Protocols
Custom *
Photo & Video Sharing
Scheduled Messages
Structured Follow-Up Questionnaires
Custom *
Health Education Content
PDF & Image Attachments
After-Hours Auto Reply
Custom *
Video Visits
Live Video Visits
PM-Integrated Scheduling
Mobile Payments
Apple Pay Integration
Daily Funds Transfer
Data Integration
Patient Records Sync
Case Data Export to EHR
Patient Services
Patient Marketing
Custom *
Patient Self-Registration
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Single Sign-On (SAML)
Reporting & Analytics
Help Center
Live Chat
24h Response Time
Onboarding Support
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* Custom content requires an annual subscription and is subject to restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started?

Practicing healthcare providers can create a team and start using Hale immediately. Simply sign up and verify your information to create your team. If you’re part of a larger organization, interested in greater customization or looking to manage multiple teams please contact us to discuss our Powered By Hale enterprise solutions.

Do you offer a trial period?

We offer a two-week trial period, during which you can use our Premium plan at no cost. At the end of the two week period, your team will remain on your current plan and we will charge the credit card on file for your first billing period. If you do not wish to continue with a paid plan, you may change your subscription at any time during the trial period. Annual plans (including all Pro plans) do not offer a trial.

How do you bill for new users added to our team?

When you add a new user to your team, we’ll make a one-time prorated charge to cover your new team member’s account for the remainder of your current billing period.

Can members of the same team be on different plans?

No. All members of a team are on the same Hale plan, and all users have access to the same feature set.

What if we want to switch plans?

You can choose to change your team’s plan at any point. If upgrading, your team will be switched to the new plan immediately and any remaining credit from your previous billing cycle will be automatically applied to your new plan. If downgrading, your team’s subscription will remain active at its current level through the end of the billing period – at which point you will automatically be switched to the new plan. We do not offer refunds.

What are my payment options – credit card vs. invoicing?

You can use a credit card to sign up and pay for Premium and Pro plans. If you have over 10 team members on an annual plan, contact us to let us know you’d like to set up annual invoicing.

Is your Business Associate Agreement negotiable?

Enterprise customers may negotiate separate business associate agreements. Customers on Basic, Premium and Pro plan tiers are required to use Hale’s standard business associate agreement.

Do you take a fee for patient collections processed using Hale?

Yes. We take a straightforward approach to fees for payments collected through the Hale platform: 5% of the total collected plus $0.50 for each transaction. That’s it – there are never any additional fees, and funds are paid out to your preferred bank account on a two-day rolling basis.