Analytics and an updated video visit dashboard help teams optimize remote care
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Introducing new tools to help teams understand the impact telemedicine is having on workflow and efficiency.

We’re happy to announce that starting today, two new features are available for Hale Premium and Hale Pro users.

Hale Analytics

With Hale Analytics, users can review product metrics including the total number of invited and active patients, total cases, messages sent and received — including whether they contained photos, videos, questionnaires or health education materials — and summary data on video visits.

Hale Analytics is available from the Hale homepage to help you explore how your team uses Hale today—and uncover opportunities for further growth and engagement with patients.

Video Visit Dashboard

In the spirit of helping clinical users have better visibility into how their team is using Hale, we’ve also added a new view into scheduled and completed video visits. By clicking the video icon on the Hale homepage, clinical team members can access a full-page view of their team’s schedule, see video visit history, and easily schedule new visits.​

Questions about how to get the most out of these new features? Reach out to us at with any questions — or get started by setting up your clinical team for free at