Introducing ‘Powered by Hale’
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Since launching Hale in 2013, we’ve been committed to improving clinical care, provider productivity and patient access through beautifully designed and easy-to-use clinical communication tools.

We’re happy to report that Hale now supports hundreds of clinical teams ranging from small family practices to large health systems and improves access for hundreds of thousands of patients. Flexible tools including asynchronous messaging and live video visits support both continuous and new patient-provider relationships and allow Hale to meet a wide range of clinical use cases.

Now, we’re extending the Hale platform to better meet the needs of large, complex organizations and brands. Starting today, Hale offers a fully white-labeled solution for large group practices, health systems and hospitals looking to deliver a world-class patient experience through remote care.

Powered by Hale’ for enterprise partners leverages the same great feature set as our Hale-branded applications and includes additional benefits for multi-practice and multi-speciality organizations including:

Build your brand through an exceptional patient experience. Hale makes it easy for enterprise partners to deliver a world-class patient experience beyond the four walls of the clinic — including branded iOS and Android applications, cutom on-boarding, patient invitations, push notifications and fully integrated services across EHRs.

Drive revenue through urgent care on demand. ‘Powered by Hale’ unlocks the ability for any provider group to launch on-demand urgent care services using their own clinical resources. Patients simply download the app to submit a request and join a live video visit on the spot — they can pay for the visit in a single tap using Apple Pay or a stored credit card.

Close the loop with internal referrals. Because ‘Powered by Hale’ supports both on-demand and continuous care, providers can easily follow up with a new patient or refer them to another provider within their organization for ongoing care — including remote or in-person primary care or specialty care visits.

Send surveys, reminders and messages to multiple patients in one fell swoop. With ‘Powered by Hale’, clinical teams can send messages, questionnaires and reminders to all of their patients in one fell swoop. Filtering makes it easy to target specific patient cohorts based on gender, age, condition and primary provider.

Reduce no-shows through appointment requests and reminders. Patients can easily submit requests for new appointments — which can be scheduled in existing practice management software. Hale reminds patients when they have an upcoming appointment and helps get them there on time with turn-by-turn directions to the clinic or simple instructions to join a video visit.

Help patients connect with the right provider at the right time through directory search. Help new patients connect with the right provider and provide resources for established patients to look up their clinical teams — including contact information, maps and office hours.

Interested in learning more about how ‘Powered by Hale’ can support your organization? Reach out to us at for more information — or get started by setting up your clinical team for free at