Hale Premium is here
Launching today, Hale Premium goes beyond primary care and integrates with electronic medical records and billing solutions to improve workflow.

At Hale, we’re committed to making healthcare easier for everyone – patients and providers alike.

Which is why we’re excited to announce that with Hale Premium we’ve gone beyond primary care. Providers can now choose symptom lists and clinical protocols tailored to primary care, pediatrics, cardiology, OB/GYN and dermatology to treat a broader range of cases for English and Spanish speaking patients.

And in addition to all of the same great features of our free product — including messaging, photo and video sharing, Mayo Clinic health education materials and questionnaires — Hale Premium integrates seamlessly with electronic medical records (EMR) to sync patient data and clinical notes. Through EMR integration, providers have access to patient demographics, conditions, allergies and prescriptions and each time they interact with a patient through Hale, we update the patient record so everything is in one place.

In partnership with EMR vendors, we’re pushing expectations for interoperability even further — it’s not just about shared access to data, it’s about giving providers quick, low-cost access to a solution that can have immediate impact. Starting today, athenahealth’s more than 65,000 providers can be up and running in minutes through Hale’s cloud-based integration with athenaNet.

While Hale offers a universal feature set to accommodate a range of practices and use cases, asynchronous remote care is particularly well suited for value-based clinics. As such, Hale now integrates with Hint Health to provide premium features and subscription billing services for concierge and direct primary care practices.

This winter, Hale will be launching intelligent protocols to address chronic conditions and follow-up care. We’ve partnered with the Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston to develop and pilot these features with the goal of reducing 30-day readmissions post-discharge.

Providers are welcome to try Hale Premium for free for 45 days — and any development work required to integrate with existing EMR software is on the house. After trial, Hale Premium costs $49/month per provider user. (Please visit our pricing page for more information.)

Sign up today at or contact us to learn more.