Internal messaging helps teams work better together
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As care extends beyond the four walls of the clinic, provider teams are often distributed across locations—or can struggle to catch one another in person throughout the day, even when in the same office.

Hale’s new internal messaging features allow provider teams to collaborate on patients cases behind the scenes: asynchronously and wherever they happen to be. Write messages to one or all of your teammates to delegate tasks, communicate on care plans or simply log a note on a patient case. With case timelines always accessible to the entire team—even on a mobile device while on the go—it’s easy for everyone to stay up-to-date and care more timely and efficient.

How It Works

  1. Log into Hale and click into the patient case view.
  2. Open the message compose window and select “Internal.”
  3. Choose the recipients you’d like to notify – you can select recipients one-by-one or the whole team.
  4. Write your message and click “Send.”
  5. Your message will then appear in the patient case timeline in dark grey — these messages aren’t visible to patients.
  6. All of the team members you included as recipients will be notified according to their personal preferences (email, text, in-app notification) and can easily review your message.

Get started messaging your teammates today by logging into your account or creating a new team at