Introducing Managed Accounts – unified controls for enterprise teams
Our new enterprise toolset offers administrators unified controls across an unlimited number of clinical teams regardless of specialty or location.

As physician practices increasingly work in partnership with larger enterprise networks and health systems, it’s critical to strike the proper balance between the needs of end users — clinical teams and their patients — with the broad requirements of managing a large, distributed organization.

To that end, the Hale team is excited to introduce Managed Accounts: a wide-ranging toolset that allows enterprise administrators greater flexibility and control in overseeing multiple teams on Hale. These updates extend Hale’s enterprise offering to include unified control over multi-team billing, user provisioning and integration management—in addition to a variety of options for custom content and standardized clinical protocols.

Specifically, enterprise organizations can now benefit from:

Unified administration for an unlimited number of individual teams

With multiple Hale teams under one roof, billing and account management is streamlined and predictable—administrators have full control over otherwise independent teams and a dedicated Hale account manager to assist with support, implementation and administration.

Centralized rollout and user provisioning

Explicitly designate the clinical team members throughout an organization who have access to Hale, and ensure teams are set up with desired options and configurations. Independent teams can get up and running on separate timelines; Hale resources are always directly available for training and support.

Enterprise-wide integration management

For organizations with shared EHRs and practice management systems, integration setup and management can be done across teams and centrally controlled. Have practices using a variety of different systems? No problem: Hale integrates with different EHRs or can be used without integration to deliver immediate benefit.

These new features can be paired with existing functionality designed to support enterprise customers in creating and distributing content across their organizations to facilitate care standardization and best practice:

  • customized triage questionnaires,
  • standardized follow-up protocols, and
  • co-branded patient marketing materials.

Altogether, Hale is working to ensure administrators can let their end users leverage remote care across a range of use cases while getting the advanced features they need to manage teams across a distributed organization.

Interested in learning more about Managed Accounts or additional enterprise support? Reach out to us at for more information—or get started by setting up a team at